6 Best Virtual Data Room Providers


Virtual data rooms, or VDRs, have recently risen to the top of the list of cloud computing technologies in terms of growth. By bringing people together in one room, data room services have removed the barriers between time and place.

VDRs are becoming more and more necessary over time, and in recent years they have seen revenue growth to an astounding $800 million. Given the enormous value that VDR providers bring to businesses worldwide, it is not surprising that the global virtual data room market is expected to continue to grow.

Top 6 VDRs

There is a list of the best VDRs in 2022. So, you can find the best one, especially for your business needed.


With iDeals, the best and most secure VDR, you can store and secure your important business papers with the greatest possible security. These VDRs have very user-friendly interfaces that make it easy for consumers to quickly understand how they work. Any browser and device can use it and no plugins are required. Over 25 different file formats are supported for safe reading, printing, and downloading. EY has audited and accredited all iDeals data centers according to the ISO 27001 standard.

Citrix Sharefile

Citrix is a cloud-integrated VDR that allows you to access stored confidential information from anywhere. Your VDR is safer thanks to the included advanced security system. It consistently tracks your transactions and monitors them effectively. In addition, it provides an analysis of the audited data. A great feature Citrix offers is the ability to set a time to review content. Once the deal is done, a DVD backup of your transactions will be provided.


Firmex has aided in advancing the VDR industry since 2006.

Firmex is used to distribute millions of papers each year. Firmex simplifies complicated and mission-critical procedures for businesses of all sizes, from financial transactions to mergers and acquisitions.

In just 12 years, Firmex has collaborated with over 100,000 additional businesses in addition to numerous illustrious ones.

One of the most popular VDR services is, without a doubt, Firmex!

Merrill Data Site

What was formerly a financial communication and print-related company are today a rapidly expanding SaaS technology firm.

The data site has industry-leading protection and can satisfy even the most demanding security standards, which makes it a superb VDR supplier.

This platform specializes in serving higher-revenue industries like litigation and mergers and acquisitions.

There are no language barriers to Datasite’s customer care because the staff members can respond in more than 20 languages!


With important features including auditing, data protection, data storage, document viewing, engagement scoring, and project management, Ansarada VDR, a cloud-based VDR, assists businesses with mergers and acquisitions, deal administration, information sharing, and collaboration.

A bidder engagement module in the program gathers information from many stores and offers insights on bidder engagement and behavior. An interactive deal assistant employs artificial intelligence and natural language processing to answer queries. Sell-side can manage contact with bidders, organize information distribution, and create an audit trail from digital archives thanks to Ansarada VDR.

A pattern recognition engine is included with Ansarada VDR that tracks daily logins, document views, and consultant activity. Teams can upload documents and distribute them to bidders using the management and bulk action tool. Users can include a logo, write a welcome message for clients, and choose a project URL using the customized branding tool.




Brainloop is the top supplier of extremely secure data room solutions for safe document sharing.

These data room solutions promote effective, digital, and highly secure business partner collaboration both inside and outside. Starting with routine business dealing with sensitive information, moving through high-security management and supervisory board communication procedures, and ending with strictly private M&A activity.